Cannabis Consortium projections

Click below and walk through the progress Cannabis Consortium has made in California working with its Partners.  These projects are for the 3 business models released for California only, they do not take into consideration expansion into any other markets or states like Nevada or Colorado.



The new retail location sits across from a local landmark and has plenty of foot traffic and ample parking.  The key to the new location is it is only 1 of 2 locations zoned for On Site Consumption. The idea is to build out a VIP area within the almost 5,000 square foot space.

This city is only issuing 8 retail licenses, the chance of getting the licenses are very good as our partners in this location have over 15 years’ experience and hold 10 licenses along with our counsel having a 100% track record.

Renderings of the building will be submitted with our application once the application has been submitted, Cannabis will upload the images to its website. 

Infused Edibles

Infused Edibles granted Cannabis and its Partners a Master License Agreement for the entire United States and its Territories for THC infused Edibles.  The Edible Company currently has distribution in approximately 400 retail outlets.  

Distillate/Oil Manufacturing


They produce 100% solvent-free distillate utilizing cannabis material from organic cultivation farms located in California. All material is on tested prior to extraction.  Their method of using cold separation to extract and preserve the natural, uninterrupted terpene profile provides a unique flavorful experience to their patients.  State of the art thin wipe distillation helps delivers a high quality, high potency result for their customers.